SIM-based WAN Connectivity

Neeco has a unique combination of global presence, delivery capability, and a well-established base of clients that are in demand for such solutions. There is currently no single provider able to either provide either management interface or delivery capability worldwide. Neeco fills the niche, delivering the mobile-based services in 160 world countries.

Wireless Site Surveys that we provide:

Indoor and Outdoor surveys

Options for AP placement depending
on AP type

BOM definition

Installation of proposed solution

Our Equipment and Technologies: 

Enterprise WLAN

Enterprise wireless LAN presents a great opportunity to replace rather outdated, expensive, and inflexible legacy wired networks. Neeco provides complex solutions to design, deploy, and maintain wireless data transport solutions, inclusive of additional services and applications that are typically run on top of wireless networks.

Public and Guest WiFi

The demand for public and guest WiFi solutions with features that go beyond simple internet access is on the rise, and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to use WiFi to gain a competitive advantage and boost the revenue streams. Neeco provides a complete guest WiFi deployment lifecycle designed to help clients improve internal or external guest satisfaction, engage better with visitors, increase loyalty, and generate more revenue.

IP/ MPLS Microwave

Neeco provides unique support to design, deliver, and maintain last-mile data transport solutions over IP/ MPLS microwave E/V-band. We are able to cover the whole solution implementation, including technical design, cooperating with technology vendors, providing rooftop and RF license acquisition, and provisioning SLA-based services to achieve desired wireless data link experience.

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