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Neeco Field Assistant is a mobile-based application developed by Neeco to efficiently manage global field services we provide for our clients.

To answer the growing demands for field support and its increasing diversity, together with the operational goal of field technicians management in real time, Neeco has created a unique platform that offers smarter cooperation between Neeco Project Managers and Coordinators and Neeco’s workforce at customer sites.

With a central server-side IoT platform and Neeco Field Assistant (NFA) application installed on our technicians’ mobile devices, we ensure that we are fully aligned with client expectations on quality and procedural aspects of management of field operations, securing precise control and real-time information exchange between local technicians and centrally positioned coordinators. And as sustainability is of key importance for us, we ensure we are ready to keep scaling up numbers of transactions for the future through utilization of newest technologies.

Our predictions, based on evaluations of the existing situation and solid insight into the technology and market size developments, calculate a 120 - 135% year-to-year growth in field support demands we should be supporting between 2018 and 2025. And we are happy to say, we’re ready!

Key features include:

Many features for agile field services management, such as unified communication support, document and information exchange, and document and photo scanning.

Central graphical tools for easier and more dynamic planning, scheduling, and service management.

Client-side Android and iOS ‘Neeco Field Assistant’ (NFA) application communicating with our server over secure channels.

Designed and developed by Neeco’s European Institute of Enterprise IoT Solutions, the specialty group focusing on development and practical application of critical technology advancements into the enterprise’s daily operations.

Embedded GPS support for field workforce navigation and tracking excellence.

Server-side IoT platform connected in real time with technician’s NFA app, bringing scheduling, dispatching, and service management into a single platform.

Full integration with Neeco ProTrack, and industry best practice processes and workflow.

Advantages for Neeco and our Partners:

  • Increased control over the workforce’s timely approach and punctuality.
  • Proactive approach through the platform’s neural-based networking features the ability to predict possible delays and implementation issues before they actually happen.
  • Faster, more efficient and fully controlled document and information exchange between activity stakeholders.
  • Improved productivity through the implementation of GPS-based technician navigation to target location and position monitoring features.
  • Neeco technicians can download free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Immediate access to post-activity results and accompanying documents, photos, and site visit reports
  • Faster identification, analysis, and resolution of issues that arise during field activities.

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