With an unrivalled field force of more than 26,000 field engineers in over 160 countries worldwide, Neeco provides clients with everything they need to deploy global networking solutions, simply and cost-effectively. From site surveys, to installation, to break-fix support, and hardware replacement, Neeco’s field engineers can support your operations nearly anywhere, including hard-to-reach locations and remote regions. Our vast network of local partners leverages their extensive knowledge of local rules, regulations, and environments to provide our full range of consistently high-quality services. We are readily available to utilise our technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge to plan, design, implement, operate, and support ICT solutions around the globe.

Why go with Neeco?

Shortest Possible Lead Times

Neeco’s best-in-class approach and broad network of resources allows us to offer unparalleled speed in field engineer dispatch.

Central Coordination

Neeco provides clients with a single point of contact for every aspect of our services.

Global Coverage

Neeco’s far-reaching network of partners allows us to provide services practically anywhere, from central urban hubs to remote and hard-to-access areas, with coverage spanning over 160 countries worldwide.


Over the years, we have fine-tuned our procedures and earned a reputation as a stable, experienced, and reliable partner for some of the world’s largest organisations.

Diverse Multivendor Support

As a fully independent global ICT services provider, we are not limited to any single manufacturer, and can provide support for a wide range of networking technologies.

Services at Customer Premises

From planning and consultation, to delivery, support, and management, we consistently ensure the highest possible service levels and unified client experience in over 160 countries worldwide.


Access and Transport Technologies Testing

Neeco offers professional services for cable, wireline, and wireless operators, as well as enterprise clients focused on the analysis and verification of voice, video, data, and wireless network performance.

IoT, M2M and Mobility Projects

We provide complex support of IoT and M2M rollout projects around the globe.

Site Assessments and Surveys

Obtaining comprehensive and detailed knowledge of a site is arguably the most critical step for successful network operations. Neeco’s professional engineers and consultants are available for both standard and highly advanced customised site surveys and assessments.

Special and Customized Services

As a global leader in field support services, we understand that it is often necessary to adapt to specific situations where unique challenges need to be addressed to complete projects according to the demands of individual clients.

Services at Data Centres

Data centres, points of presence, and other core locations are mission-critical sites that require robust support and increased responsiveness from ICT service providers.


Wireless Network Installations

We provide consultations, Wi-Fi site surveys, installation, and support services to meet the diverse requirements of clients at a wide range of sites, including manufacturing facilities, offices, hotels, hospitals or schools.

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