Neeco Engineers provide complex, on-site preventive and corrective maintenance, thus minimizing the risks associated with data network downtimes and data losses. Service level agreements (SLAs) start with 24x7x2 and 24x7x4; Next Business Day (NBD) service delivery can be achieved in a majority of world locations.

Key Features and Benefits of Neeco’s On-site Support Services

Global Coverage

Neeco provides on-site visits to support the client’s digital environment for customer locations in more than 160 countries.

World’s Largest Network of Trained and Certified Field Engineers

Our pool of thousands of trained and certified engineers are available around the clock to attend client sites for contractual as well as ad-hoc Time and Material activities.

Variety of Commercial Models

We offer multiple commercial models to fulfill the needs of our clients. These include prepaid credit models, where each call out deducts a number of credits from a common credit pool, fully prepaid services without extra charges during the contract validity period, or post-paid hourly charging.

Multi-vendor and Multi-technology Support

We support leading, well-established networking products as well as emerging technologies and OEMs, such as SD-WAN vendors and industry-specific equipment.

Tight Process Integration with Hardware Maintenance and Remote Technical Support

Typically, on-site support is part of the complex maintenance package, so on-site troubleshooting activities may be followed by central supporting engineers and hardware maintenance functions able to dispatch spares if faulty equipment is identified during the on-site intervention.

Guaranteed Response Times

Guaranteed Service Level Agreements begin with 24x7x2 and 24x7x4, which means our service technician attends the site in just a couple of hours from the call for remedy to resolve the clients’ issues.

Reporting and Performance Analysis

Neeco service managers provide monthly operations status reports, including incident reports and proposals for improvements, enabling optimal IT device operation with consideration for the customer's business lifecycle.

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