Our Clients

We are working with the clients from the following industries:

Telecoms and Carriers

We support data centres and core networks, as well as managing field deployments and provisioning services to Telecommunication Companies’ End Customers.

Enterprise Clients

We complement efforts of our clients to harness the power of information technologies and to deliver the right outcomes for their primary businesses.

Technology Vendors

We understand that we need to secure professional services wrapped around any OEM’s rock-star products to deliver the ultimate End Customer experience.

Governmental and Public

With their specific requirements, governmental and public organizations, including schools, are handled with special care at Neeco.  

System Integrators

With Neeco’s effective, flexible, and professional global support, our Partners can better serve their customers by complementing their own service propositions

OTT Providers

Neeco helps over-the-top technology business’ acting as trusted consultant covering the various stages of the product delivery life cycle, with strong ICT procurement capability.

Our Clients

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