Being Single Point of Contact for our clients, end-users, or internal employees, Neeco provides a pleasant, efficient, and consistent Help Desk with experience in handling technical issues, resolving problems, and escalating those issues that can’t be resolved at the Neeco Help Desk.

Key Features:

Europe-based 24x7 Help Desk

Multilanguage Operations

Levels 1, 2, and 3 Support

Guaranteed Service Levels

Email, Phone, and Web-based Communication

Neeco’s Help Desk Services

Outsourced Help Desk Services is here to support organizations in day-to-day communication on a supreme technical level. We can manage internal employee, customer, consumer, and sales Help Desk support through voice, emails, web channels, and back office processes across a wide variety of services.

Our team handles technical issues, resolves problems, and escalates any issues that cannot be resolved, thus empowering your staff to concentrate on business growth and focus on strategic projects that drive business innovation. The HDS team is available around the clock within a 3-tiered structure and can handle support in all standard languages.

An Outsourced Help Desk is the ideal solution for those who want to spend more time growing their business and less time with daily calls and email inquiries from Customers or Employees. Outsourcing your help desk services to Neeco can bring a variety of benefits to your business, from reducing costs to lightening the load of stressed IT employees.

Multi-Levelled Help Desk Support

Level 1

provides basic technology, product and/or software application support to customers.

Level 2

provides more complex support and/or subject matter expertise, usually as an escalation from
Level 1.

Level 3

provides support on complex issues and usually involves certified systems engineers.


Generally, we can support any requirement of our customers, including both standard as well as non-standard products and applications. During the initial stages, our trainers will be in touch with customer stakeholders to consult and design processes and procedures that will support their requirements. In later stages, Help Desk team members can receive periodic training, if required, to keep the knowledge of a particular product or technology at the highest levels.

Key Outsourced Help Desk features:

White Label Solutions - answering inquiries in the desired company name

Customized processes and procedures to fit client requirements

Flexible payment plans

Variety of SLA and cover options

Periodic Neeco analytics and reporting

Periodic review meetings

Business benefits of Neeco’s Outsourced Help Desk:

Improved flexibility of your help desk service, through 24x7 operation covering all time zones and locations where the support is needed.

Boosted revenue, as your resources can focus on primary business targets and goals, without the worry of recruiting, training, and supporting an internal Help Desk staff.

Rapid utilization of Industry Experts’ knowledge to solve customer issues.

Growth acceleration through a Multilanguage Help Desk that provides a great foundation for expanding your operations into other regions.

Reduced costs of help desk services, as experienced Neeco Help Desk personnel are working on your behalf when you need, without the obligation for your organization to pay for their certification and training.

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