We are a leading provider of complex global ICT services.

We leverage the knowledge of local environments to supply our clients with the most effective hardware and software implementations, services, maintenance, and additional support. Our unique central management allows us to deliver our premium, value-added services anywhere, within the shortest possible delivery times, cost-effectively, and at the highest levels of quality.

ICT Hardware, Software, and License Distribution

Neeco is a worldwide distributor of network equipment and accessories. Through our extensive Global Delivery Platform (GDP) Ecosystem and OEM certifications, we offer a full line of most network equipment vendors, cost-effectively and globally, in the shortest lead times. 

Managed Services and Long-Term Contracts

Utilizing products in the form of services and leaving ownership to 3rd party companies specialized in owning the equipment is an obvious and reasonable trend. Neeco’s unique Flexible Financing and Ownership Options are available in more than 160 world countries.

Field Services

With an unrivaled Field Force of more than 26,000 field engineers, certified professionals and consultants across more than 160 world countries, our ultimate goal is to provide everything our clients need for the successful deployment of global networking solutions. 

Data Connectivity

Neeco is a global provider of solution-centric, professional-grade, highly versatile, and efficient data connectivity designed for telecommunication companies, service providers and their enterprise customers, governmental, public organizations and Neeco’s Channel Partners.

Maintenance and Support

Neeco secures highly efficient complete post-implementation care for its clients´ assets and implemented products, unified under a single support service contract, across more than 160 world countries.

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