As a part of our Global ICT Services, Neeco offers Equipment Recovery and Assessment Services designed to collect unused equipment anywhere around the globe and return it to our regional facilities for further processing.

Typical recovery services include:

A visit to the site by a Certified Neeco Engineer at a pre-agreed date and time.

Returning equipment to the nearest Neeco Depot for further processing.

Equipment removal with minimum distraction to employees and data network downtimes.

Fast and efficient completion of the relevant paperwork.

Equipment and Technologies We Support

Equipment Assessment

Our certified ISO 9001 Equipment Assessment process is a fast and efficient way to check the health of received IT equipment and to decide on further actions. Typically, this multi-step procedure consists of:

  • Visual check
    Equipment is opened for cosmetic inspection and visually checked for signs of damaged components, excessive dust, and indications of overheating.
  • Physical parts check
    Neeco engineers check the power supply, fans, interface cards, memory cards, LEDs, switches, and other physical parts for any signs of damage or malfunctions.
  • Configuration removal
    Previous configuration and owner information is removed and the unit is returned to its default settings.
  • Diagnostic testing
    All products undergo a set of diagnostic, functional, and network traffic system tests. Each port, module, or slot is individually tested under heavy traffic conditions to ensure proper working order.

Equipment Rebuy and Trade-In

Providing that the equipment is in a reusable condition after Assessment, there may be an allocated amount of funding available for the purchase of brand new products or services. A trade-in program is available for any networking equipment or end-user electronics, worldwide.

Equipment Repair and Refurbishment

Under Neeco’s multi-vendor Repair and Refurbishment program, faulty components and boards are replaced as applicable, and their appearance returned to original condition. The units are then subjected again to functional, network traffic system, burn-in, and thermal cycling tests as applicable, to ensure that equipment can be reused in production scenarios.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

Because we strive to be an environmentally responsible provider of products and services, Neeco offers our customers environmentally sound choices for disposal of end-of-life products and supplies. We continue to develop products, features, and solutions that offer our customers opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of their printing and imaging activities.

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