Neeco is a world leader in provisioning Field Services. From planning and consultations, through delivery, and all the way to support and management, we secure consistent service levels, 100% service quality and unified client experience across more than 160 world countries. Supported by certified, experienced and enthusiastic professionals, as well as some market-leading technologies and applications we have developed, we ensure that our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded. Always.

Why Choose Neeco Services at Customer Premises

Service Delivery Time

Through our best-in-class approach and very high number of resources, we can offer unparalleled speed in dispatching Field Engineers. In the majority of regions we can deliver the service the same or next day; in cases of SLA-based agreement, service delivery times begin with 24x7x2 and 24x7x4.

Central Coordination

We provide a single contact centre for our clients, available for service ordering, escalation, and information purposes. We also provide a 24x7 multi-language Service Desk staffed with skilled and experienced support engineers who monitor and manage coordination between client stakeholders and our on-site ­Field Engineers. The Neeco professional remote supporting engineer manages on-site operations, coordinates cooperation between the Neeco Field Engineer and our client’s engineers, can quickly establish conference calls or web conference sessions, and has access to an extensive knowledge base which includes technical documentation, local ISP contact details, and con­figuration templates for any given region. After every installation, detailed informational reports are generated.


Neeco field engineering services are available worldwide. We are currently actively providing support in over 160 countries. These include standard as well as very remote and hard-to-access areas, such as small islands, mining sites, and politically unstable countries.


If you are looking for a stable, experienced, and professional partner that you can rely on in any world region, Neeco is the right choice. Over time, we have developed best-in-class procedures to optimize the whole process of remote hands & eyes services. Supporting the world’s largest organizations and medium- to very large- scale projects, our ­Field Engineers are ready to visit customer sites 24x7x365.

‘White Label’ Services

In case our Partners are reselling Neeco services or are incorporating Neeco services into their own service portfolio to create  complex and appealing offers for their Customers, we offer rebranded ­Field Engineering services to preserve the unified image of our Partner. In these scenarios, our personnel represent the client’s name on site, ensuring the desired experience, and increased satisfaction and loyalty of End Customers.


With a very high number of technicians we make sure that for every activity we assign a Field Engineer whose skill level exactly matches the experience required. Field Engineers are periodically tested and certi­fications are issued as veri­fication of his or her skills.

ProTrack, Service Digitization and Automation

Neeco ProTrack web-based tracking, monitoring, and asset management tool is the fastest way to­ find out the status of recent, current, and future scheduled activities. Available 24x7x365, clients can easily monitor their status in real time and track the overall progress of every order, including the names and contact details of Engineers participating in interventions, site details, and other important information regarding the activity.

ProTrack, completely developed by Neeco, offers full interconnection with the clients own systems to create automated and digitized processes. By taking such an approach, we ensure maximum control over the processes, minimizing risks and administrative overheads.

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