Neeco provides comprehensive and highly efficient post-implementation care for client assets and deployed products. Our solutions cover every possible aspect of maintenance support, with everything unified under a single contract, and Neeco as a single point of contact for services in more than 160 countries worldwide. The support models we offer are designed to fulfil the diverse expectations of our clients, and the wide range of demands they present.

Why Go With Neeco?

Single Point of Contact

We provide everything under a single contract and with a single support centre to cover all OEM equipment and support requirements.

Tight Integration

Our maintenance services work hand in hand with our other complex global ICT services.

Flexible Payment Options

While many providers only offer yearly contracts, we offer monthly and quarterly billing as well as customized options to meet client needs.

Custom SLAs

We offer flexible, lightning-fast 24/7 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that can provide faulty equipment replacement within 2 to 4 hours in most major locations.

Neeco Provides:

OEM-based maintenance services through channel partnerships with leading technology vendors

Our own maintenance services utilising an unrivalled network of our own depots, spare part supplies, and field engineers

Hybrid solutions where Neeco’s services are supplemented by OEM-based support

Clients We Support:

Telecoms and Systems Integrators
and their end customers

Technology Manufacturers 
who need to provide maintenance support for their equipment and their end customers

Mobile Operator Networks, 
base stations, antennas, microwave, and optical links

Corporate Networks,
from data centres, to core, distribution, and access network equipment, to end-user products

Application Developers 
and their software solutions

Providers of Internet of Things (IoT) 
and industry-specific hardware and software

Internet and Connectivity Provider Networks, 
backbone, Points of Presence (PoPs), and local loops

Neeco's Maintenance and Support Services

Hardware Maintenance

Neeco ensures the coverage our clients require for every device in their infrastructure with flexible faulty hardware replacement options.

Neeco Service Desk

Neeco’s multilanguage Service Desk provides comprehensive proactive and reactive support and establishes a single point of contact for consistent and reliable round-the-clock service.

On-Site Technical Support

Neeco engineers can provide complex preventive and corrective on-site maintenance nearly anywhere in the world.

Outsourced Help Desk

We provide friendly, efficient, and consistent Outsourced Help Desk Services for our clients, end-users, and their internal employees.


Remote Technical Support

Neeco’s Remote Technical Support Services are an integral part of a complex post-implementation solution.

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