Neeco is a global provider of solution-centric, professional-grade, highly versatile, and efficient data connectivity designed for telecommunication companies, service providers and their enterprise customers, governmental and public organizations, and Neeco’s Channel Partners. Through our extensive service portfolio, we can offer a holistic approach to custom-tailoring solutions for each client, unified by Neeco’s Global Connectivity Platform ecosystem. Neeco operates in more than 160 world countries.

We provide wide range of connectivity solutions, including:

Global 3G / 4G Mobile enterprise-grade data connectivity

IoT/M2M Connectivity

Satellite connectivity

Global broadband access

Dedicated internet access

Neeco, a global system integrator, which focuses on tailor-made solutions and fulfilling the diverse needs of our clients. We offer flexible forms of data connectivity, including fixed lines, mobile solutions, and portable equipment.

Our clients can choose from a variety of contract types such as:

Backup solutions

Rapid deployments

Short-term connectivity

Long-term connectivity

There are multiple business benefits to having Neeco as a connectivity provider, including:

Demonstrable cost savings when compared to alternative providers.

Very fast turnaround times for quotes and designing solutions.

Rapid deployments with service delivery times of approximately 24 hours from order reception for mobile data connections.

Completely global coverage with a single point of contact for communication and invoicing.

Complex solutions inclusive of equipment provisioning, installation, and support.

Our Data Connectivity Services include:

Global Fixed Connectivity

Neeco provides a holistic approach for companies with advanced communication needs such as secure, high speed and reliable connectivity & communication worldwide. 


Satellite Connectivity

We can offer professional-grade satellite connectivity designed for service providers and their enterprise customers, telecommunication companies, governmental and public organizations, and Neeco’s Channel Partners in over 160 countries.

Mobile 3G/4G Enterprise Connectivity

3G and 4G LTE networks offer great WAN diversity and resiliency without dependence on the local terrestrial infrastructure.


Out-of-Band Device Management

Neeco delivers a new generation of global Out-of-Band (OOB) management and access solutions to meet the growing demand for agile, scalable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity. 

Mobile IoT/M2M Connectivity

We help our clients plan, deliver,  integrate and support  IoT solutions across the globe, focusing on medium to large-sized projects.


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