The fundamental part of our activities is built around Neeco professionals experienced in a wide range of business needs, helping to achieve the goals and demands of our clients. Acting as a trusted advisor, we understand that the confidence our clients have in our solutions is achieved through excellent people, related strategies and systems in place. Therefore, we put great effort into the creation of a highly experienced, motivated and trusted community that can answer any desire our clients have, across more than 160 world countries.

Complete Life Cycle Services

Neeco’s Life Cycle Services provide support to cover any demands our clients have—from ideation and planning through service deployment, to post-implementation support and care.


Presales Support and Bid Preparations

Our Presales Team provides clients with professional services that are essential to a successful bid. We can assist with gaining access to information, operating to timescales and maintaining a robust  process.

Network Design

We work with clients to understand their business and operation requirements and translate them to practical and efficient network strategies. 


Large Projects Management

Neeco provides our clients with unified deployment solutions, including hardware distribution, logistics, installation, and maintenance services. 


Technical Consultations and Trainings

As a part of our complex client support, we provide a portfolio of advanced ICT consultancy and training services focused on incumbent technology vendors.

End-user Training and Floor Walking

The current rapid innovation of ICT technologies requires a great need for training, without which users would rarely make the most of them.


Testing, POC, and Pilot Deployments

Neeco’s Proof of Concept (POC) and testing services help to assess and evaluate ICT solutions developed by our clients while preparing fresh installations, upgrading or scaling an existing operation.

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