Today we are in the middle of the digital transformation process, facing equally fundamental changes to the way we work and live. This evolution results in journey of moving from traditional work arrangements to highly flexible, outcome-oriented utilization of workforce. Neeco Employee Sourcing and Workforce Management (ESWM) product is focused on technology-oriented positions, from basic technicians, through project managers and SME, to senior managers.

ESWM program enables clients to find and deploy talents where and when needed, for a medium to long-term assignments, with no need to be locked into any long-term contract of employment. Neeco combines features of HR agencies and System Integrators to offer seamless outcome-based talent outsourcing solutions. Service include both hiring and talent employment, with possibility to take care of related needs such as end-user computing systems and applications or commercial space rent.

There are many advantages of using employee as a service, including:

Cost control- transformed HR model that allows additional efficiencies in an organization to focus on strategic talent services.

Simplified HR model-global and flexible employee sourcing solution delivered through single strategic partner remove employment challenges, enabling very agile, more efficient HR structure.

Faster expansion with lower risk- we help to easily expand businesses of our clients into new territories via outsourced employees, while saving the company time and money by avoiding both legal entity establishment and related ongoing in-country costs.

Enhanced HR processes and unified experience- using best practice HR processes clients get a uniform delivery of employee management services across all entities in a model driving consistency, quality and efficiency.

Some of the key benefits using Neeco as a talent sourcing partner

Global Coverage

Neeco’s global footprint spreading through more than 160 world countries allow clients to enjoy ESWM solution at local, national and multi-national level.

Visibility and Control

Clients maintain full control of the day-to-day responsibilities and liabilities of the source to achieve the highest satisfaction possible.


We strive for clear communication to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

High Flexibility

Neeco ESWM allows clients to respond swiftly to demand and to have the right people at hand at the right time to meet business requirements.

Unique Central Management

All requests, invoicing, reporting etc. are tracked and managed through a single point of contact, which saves time and reduces the overall costs for clients.


Our work does not end with finding the right resource for the project – we provide our clients full support during the assignment, monitoring and advising on the resources provided.

Additional needs

As a global system integrator, Neeco can provide also the equipment, working space or other necessities.


Neeco tailors each solution specifically to clients’ needs.


Once we have found the right fit, final arrangements are made so that the assignment may start.


We handle the search and keep clients informed about the progress.

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