New Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technologies and services offer organizations the ability to redefine how they procure, use, and manage their Wide Area Network. No longer will enterprise organizations need to be chained to a single type of expensive WAN service or technology to support their critical business needs. Instead, SD-WAN architectures offer an enterprise-grade WAN connectivity with an enormous level of flexibility, agility, and cost-efficiency for clients.

As a part of complex deployment services we provide:

Delivery of required hardware and software

Logistics services including local customs clearance and IoR handling

Deployment on site and installation

Temporary local storage at Neeco’s warehouse

Testing and any other post-implementation activities

Our Services:

Consultations and Network Architecture

SD-WAN has quickly emerged as an answer to cut the costs of data connectivity solutions, improve performance and reduce provisioning time. However initial planning, deployment, and support of these solutions can be challenging at times, especially when using a different network architecture that decouples physical and virtual devices from the software management layer in a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Neeco SD-WAN consultancy services are designed to provide a holistic approach towards planning the deployment of SD-WAN network, and integration into existing technologies, processes and work-flows. As part of our planning we offer POC testing, equipment rentals, presentation of existing SD-WAN technology vendors, cooperation of network architecture and procedural aspects.

Deployment and Integration

With a footprint in more than 160 world countries, long-term experience with multi-vendor network deployments, and a number of SD-WAN technology experts we are ready to deploy centrally- managed networks any place around the world.

Maintenance and Support

Once SD-WAN technologies are deployed we are ready to support the network. The support includes hardware maintenance as well as any other activities agreed with our client to ensure complex care for our client’s digital world.

While most SD-WAN technology providers do not offer SLA-based maintenance, Neeco’s clients enjoy the same level of treatment as with any incumbent technology vendors. Neeco offers maintenance for the majority of SD-WAN vendors, with the ability to commit to SLAs up to 24x7x4 in most major places around the world. This is possible through our world-leading network of local depots with spares that ensures appropriate hardware maintenance treatment for our clients.

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