Analytics and Reporting

Service measurement and service reporting are processes that are triggered by many of the other ICT services that Neeco provides for clients. The objective of service measurement is to detect and collect information that identifies and quantifies value-added services and contributions to Neeco‘s and/or the Client’s goals, as well as indicators of service risks, issues, and improvement opportunities, enabling informed governance and planned action. The objective of service reporting is to analyze and deliver service measurement information to stakeholders, governors, and decision makers in a form than enables actions.

Operations Reports and Business Intelligence

Neeco executes the following activities for service measurement and service reporting as processes that support Neeco’s production IT services:

Performing service measurement procedures and service reporting procedures that are designed to provide agreed reports to the Client and service stakeholders to assess and diagnose services as designed and specified in the service measurement and reporting requirements

Assessing the effectiveness of service measurement and service reporting for stakeholders and identifying opportunities for improvement. Consequently, Neeco logs these opportunities for use in continual service improvement

Service Reporting Process

Typically, reports are exchanged with the Client and service stakeholders prior to regular meetings as a baseline for SLA and SLO measurements. Regular meetings are subsequently held to discuss reporting outcomes with the aim of assessing service KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and identifying possibilities to further enhance processes and procedures to fulfill desired goals.

Reports are also accessible through Neeco ProTrack on-line tracking and monitoring tool at any time for clients (Neeco Analytics Module). Reports are fully customizable, so we are able to execute and provide reports on any items clients are interested in.

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