Central and Local Warehousing

Neeco has access to a significant number of stocking facilities in most countries around the globe to offer maximum flexibility and deployment efficiency. The storage areas include larger hub locations in major regions and smaller warehousing facilities in remote areas.

Neeco warehousing services:

Short-term and long-term stocking of Client assets

Inventory management using Neeco ProTrack

Product assembly, handling, and packing

Equipment configuration, staging, and testing

Tight integration with other Neeco solutions, such as maintenance and project delivery

Priority dispatch services

Key features and benefits of Neeco complex warehousing and logistics services:

The use of Neeco warehousing and logistics services eliminates the facility expenses required to store Clients’ equipment

The ability to execute shipment orders at any time and access live data without having to staff and maintain your own logistics operations

Neeco professional services introduce sophisticated functionality, management, and reporting of logistics operations without the need for clients to invest in an expensive warehouse management system

Stocking at Neeco worldwide hubs eliminates the risk of overrunning or underutilizing your own facilities

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