Our Site Construction and Development Services

Site Surveys

For larger network deployments, a site survey is a must-have element if overall network attributes are sought. To get optimal coverage and performance, it is necessary to understand the RF behavior of the network and to find the most suitable points for site deployment. A site survey will provide this information by revealing places of signal interferences, places where signals are weaker, and areas of no signal (dead zones). A site survey also helps to avoid interference due to existing radio sources or physical or geographical obstacles, and finally, determines how to deploy a network within the constraints of the site.

Site Construction

Site Construction is where all construction services, including tower installation, modifications, or maintenance repair work are provided. It also contains the cable tray related works as well as systems support such as battery backup or A/C units. Neeco is equipped to handle anything from single site projects up to full region build-outs consisting of 300 or more sites. With our network of engineering professionals, we are well-suited for turnkey projects of any size, and we are able to provide engineering support before, during, and after construction.

Site Acquisition

After the proper area investigation and candidate submittal, Neeco starts site lease negotiation and execution, zoning representation, and building permit submittals. These services may also include nominating potential site alternatives.

Technology Distribution

Through our extensive channel partner network, which includes local as well as global hardware distributors, we are able to deliver any telecommunication technology equipment worldwide. Through the combination of hardware delivery, staging, logistics, and inventory management, we can function as your hardware supplier, warehouse, and shipping department. Together with our staging services, we are prepared to provide initial configurations and equipment testing prior to dispatch to the site.

Deployment and Configuration

Neeco’s technical support-level specialists are responsible for customer issues and hardware replacement activities as well as network configuration. The main tasks of the Neeco specialist include antenna installation, uninstalling/reinstalling BTS, RBS, BBU, PS and other hardware equipment, and verification of proper hardware set up. Troubleshooting activities are also provided at this level. During the configuration process, the Neeco specialist is also responsible for arranging a RAN configuration and integration within the core network. They are also trained to identify, isolate, and resolve complex network problems.


Neeco’s personnel at this level are responsible for optimization, monitoring, and improving the performance of the radio network. The optimization process starts with the last phase of radio network planning. A cellular network covers a large area and provides capacity to many people, so there are lots of parameters involved that are variable and have to be continuously monitored and corrected. Apart from this, the network is always growing through increasing subscriber numbers and increasing traffic. This means the optimization process should be on-going in order to increase the efficiency of the network and result in revenue generation from the network.

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