Delivering Complex Services for a Financial Institution

11 May 2022

Name of Vendor: Versa Networks  

Type of Client:  Systems Integrator

Industry of End Customer: Financial Services

Timescale: 2020 – 2021


One of Neeco’s loyal, multinational clients headquartered in The United States was seeking support for its end-customer within the financial servicing industry. The assignment was to plan, deliver, install, and configure customized solutions for ATMs at over 1,200 of the end-customer’s sites across several European countries. Despite several operational challenges, such as tight deadlines and unexpected cancellations, the project was a success. This was made possible through utilizing Neeco's special partnership with Versa Networks and its global chain of local warehouses. In addition, Neeco’s project manager found specialized solutions for service delivery, while ensuring that the client and customer were consistently informed of the project's progress.

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The client is an international IT solutions provider and network integrator that offers an extensive variety of services to customers worldwide. With their focus being on supporting the end-customer within the financial servicing industry, the purpose of this project was to assist in providing agility, scalability and convenience when it comes to accessing their supported ATMs. All under stringent security protocols due to the sensitive nature of financial data.


Neeco was contracted to fulfil an array of services including the delivery of 1,284 devices, sourced from the technology vendor Versa Networks, to the 1,200 sites required by the client.

The first obstacle was one faced by industries across the globe. The project was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in drastically increased delivery times at various end-customer sites. The global shortage of components led to an increase in wait times from 12 to 60+ weeks for vital equipment.

Additionally, shortly after project-launch, the end-customers introduced an unexpected challenge involving access to the ATMs. Neeco was informed that only Versa Networks employees would be able to access the machines. Due to the high sensitivity, privacy, and risk of money laundering or other fraudulent activities, the client insisted on such security protocols. Neeco needed to rework the delivery method for the entire project. At the same time, the end customer had a very strict deadline and insisted that the deliveries be coordinated across the various sites.


In the face of these challenges, there were concerns about Neeco’s ability to deliver the requested services by the proposed deadline. It was understood that if the time frame for the project could not be met, the client would likely cancel the order entirely.


With great effort, the Neeco team was able to find a solution for sourcing the requested equipment in a way that covered all the sites involved. This was made possible, through their strong partnership with Versa Networks and their extensive network of localized warehouses around the globe. Neeco overcame supply chain and security related challenges and delivered for their client, all within a rigid timeframe.  In the end, the client’s expectations were vastly exceeded.

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