Network Overhaul for a Multinational Telecom Company

Type of Client: Telecom and Carriers

Industry of End-Customer: Telecommunications

Timescale: from 2017 (ongoing)


A client needed a complete overhaul of its aging network hardware at more than 1,000 sites. They needed a partner who could take care of all stages of the project, from initial solution design, to procurement and storage, to on-site installation. Over 3,000 devices were required, and tight deadlines had to be met across multiple sites, many of which were in rural locations. The project was highly complex, the timeframe was extremely challenging, and Neeco was more than prepared to rise to the occasion.

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The client is a multinational telecommunications company that delivers managed services in more than 200 countries. Many of the world’s leading enterprises rely on them to underpin their operations. They offer ultra-high bandwidth services up to 100 Gbps to connect emerging and established markets in Europe and North America, facilitating the mass dataflow of internet traffic, over-the-top (OTT) content, as well as enterprise data and cloud-computing services.


The client wanted to overhaul its aging on-site Cisco assets with new Cisco routers and SD-WAN boxes from Meraki (firewalls). Neeco was responsible for the design of the entire solution, as well as the ordering, staging, delivery, and installation of all the hardware. The challenge was to successfully meet the price constraints, strict timeframe, and to access the locations of numerous sites where the equipment needed to be installed. The scheduling of the installations was particularly problematic, as a lot of the sites were located in rural areas. In addition, the weekly scheduling plan was extremely tight, as a single engineer was often required to work at more than one site per day.


Neeco worked with the client from start to finish at every stage of the project: from designing the solution, to educating engineers on the process for configuring and maintaining the routers and SD-WAN boxes, to installation. Neeco was able to meet the strict timelines by utilising a large pool of trained engineers who were able to finish the installations within the tight schedules at multiple sites, often in rural locations. Neeco also kept an inventory of the Meraki devices on the client’s behalf, to provide future on-site hardware replacement more quickly in the future.


The project needed to be completed within an extremely narrow timeframe. The risk was the potential to run over cost or over time, as a substantial number of installations had to be completed at many sites located in remote areas.


Neeco successfully delivered and installed more than 3,000 devices at more than 1,000 sites. Since we had the hardware stocked in our inventory, we were able to comfortably meet the strict delivery timelines, flexibly respond to any project changes, and simultaneously help the customer with the overall project cashflow. End-customer timelines for all aspects of the project were 100% fulfilled, while the large pool of fully trained engineers helped to reduce the installation time by 25% from initial expectations, which helped us to achieve high client and end-customer satisfaction.

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