Major International Beverage Manufacturer

Type of Client: Systems Integrator

Industry of End Customer: Retail

Timescale: 5 months


This global project required technicians at sites of varying size and complexity all over the world. The client demanded the utmost flexibility to get fully qualified engineers at short notice and to accommodate last-minute changes. Neeco successfully delivered solutions to 500 sites globally, spent 1,650 man hours on site, and installed more than 3,000 unique devices during the visits.





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The client is a leading communications systems integrator and technology provider specialised in designing, sourcing, implementing, and maintaining complete modern communications solutions. The company is headquartered in the Pittsburgh suburb of Lawrence, Pennsylvania in the United States.


The client required Neeco to perform site surveys, router installations, testing, and occasionally cabling at the beverage manufacturer’s sites. These were located all over the world and were diverse in size. The biggest challenge was to standardise the process to ensure that our technicians could meet all customer expectations for on-site activities, as the Statements of Work (SoW) would vary from site to site. Often on-site visit times took longer than expected (due to issues out of the control of Neeco, such as local contact unavailability, locked doors etc.). Neeco often faced issues with on-site contacts not allowing technicians to visit the whole premises in order to perform the survey as well as hardware delivery problems. 


Neeco set up the process to receive requests for technician assignments on a weekly basis. However, we were flexible enough to accommodate last-minute requests from the client to provide a technician at any given location. The client was always able to ensure that the technicians visiting the sites were fully trained and equipped as per the SoW. 


Neeco had to supply fully qualified engineers that could be dispatched to perform the work at the requested locations in the shortest time possible. We needed to show the highest degree of flexibility possible on this project, as there were numerous last-minute changes and requests to assign technicians. Not meeting any of these requirements would result in client dissatisfaction and potential loss of money. 


We helped the client find on-site engineers to provide services at the requested locations in the shortest time possible. After setting up the process, the visits ran smoothly, and the client was satisfied with the performance of the field engineers. We also helped locally source and deliver cabling to requested sites as to find the quickest possible solution for the client. We truly proved our flexibility on this project, as there were a lot of last-minute changes and requests to assign technicians. We successfully delivered solutions at 500 sites globally, spent 3,750 man hours at sites, and installed more than 3,000 unique devices during the visits. 

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Major International Beverage Manufacturer

This project was a global one, with technicians required at sites located all over the world that were of varying size and complexity. The client demanded the utmost flexibility to get fully qualified engineers at short notice and to accommodate last-minute changes.

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