Logistics solutions for transport companies

Type of Client: Enterprise Clients

Industry of End-Customer: Dairy company

Timescale: 6 months

Neeco was contacted by one of its clients, an international dairy company, that wanted to improve its internal logistics processes by maximizing the efficiency of its delivery service. It was necessary to reveal where and how the damage was happening and to identify where and how the pallets were going missing. In order to tackle the presented challenge, Neeco utilised its unique most in demand Internet of Things (IoT) solution, NUTS (Neeco Universal Tracking System). Equipped with cutting-edge IoT SIMs provided by Tata Communications, NUTS boxes were installed in all the trucks and enabled the client to have permanent online access to all important information regardless of the actual location of his vehicles. As a result, thanks to collaboration with Tata Communications, Neeco was able to help the client identify the main reasons for goods damage, reduce time on each delivery, and dramatically cut the theft rate.


goods damage level, down from 14%


maximum loss to theft


mobile networks across which data communication was secured


NUTS units equipped with Tata Communications IoT SIM installed


minutes saved on each delivery

What were the client’s requirements?

The client is an international dairy company that wanted to improve its internal logistics processes by maximising the efficiency of its delivery service while minimising product loss/damage during transport.

To achieve this, the client turned to Neeco for its IoT solutions to provide:

  • better protection of goods and pallets
  • delivery time optimisation & online reporting
  • increased customer satisfaction

What was the challenge?

The targets were to reduce the damage level of goods from 14.4% to just 3.0%
and to reduce the pallet theft ratio from 12.9% to 5.0%. To achieve this, it was
necessary to devise a system that could reveal where and how the damage
was happening, and to reveal where and how the pallets were going missing.
The solution also needed to maximise the efficiency of the driving time and
design a delivery system that took into account shop preferences with regards
to delivery timings, while online feedback from trucks/cars would be required in
case of any delays.

Which Solution did Neeco find?

In order to tackle the presented challenge, Neeco used its unique and in-demand IoT solution, NUTS. This state-of-the-art GPS and GSM tracking solution provides online monitoring of the whole logistics chain without any installation and offers signifi cant cost and operational advantages.

How was Tata Communications vital
to the solution?

A global mobile connectivity solution, provided by Tata Communications,
was the key part of this project. All NUTS boxes were equipped with
Tata’s multicarrier IoT SIM, which provides unmatched data availability.
Data communication was secured across 380+ mobile networks with
no restrictions, which enabled the client to have permanent online
access to all important information regardless of the actual location
of their vehicles. The ability to connect to more than one mobile
network in each country also provided the largest available data
connectivity. With a battery life of 21 months and information sent
every two seconds, the radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards
provided complete pallet monitoring.

What was the Result?

NUTS enabled by Neeco’s cooperation with Tata Communications
achieved all the client’s goals within a four-month testing period. It provided
strict online monitoring of all cars/trucks that revealed all driver reactions
during deliveries. NUTS helped to identify the main reasons for goods
damage: over-aggressive cornering as drivers rushed to complete schedules
and use of very steep lanes to connect to highways. Ultimately, Neeco and
Tata Communications helped the client to save more than 30 minutes on
each delivery, reduce aggressive driving which helped to , decrease the goods
damage from 14% to 3%, and cut the theft rate to below 1%.

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