Light Aircraft

Watch flight details and stats without limitations

NUTS also has a solution for smaller airlines and flight schools. It enables simple and convenient monitoring of small aircraft. Replay your recent flight trace in 3D, watch important statistics and keep track on planned maintenance.

  • Online Monitoring
  • 3D Trip Visualization
  • Maintenance Planning

Aviation schools

NUTS is an ideal tool for monitoring and securing of small aircraft. It enables complete monitoring of air traffic, even with high congestion, detects entry into restricted areas, informs about any movement in the hangar and watches the entry/exit of the geofenced area.

For any special needs and requirements:

  1. Certified global communication protocol
  2. Unlimited Data
  3. Remote Configuration (OTA)
  4. Multicarrier SIM
  5. 3D flight Visualization
  6. Webhook Option
  7. Maintenance Log

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