Neeco Joins the Green Company Project

06 December 2021

Neeco is proud to be part of the Green Company Project, a unique program for the collection of electrical waste in the environment.

This is another step towards Neeco’s long-term goal of reducing the burden on the environment. As part of our Sustainability program that is integrated into Neeco’s strategy, decision-making, culture, and operations, we are determined that we can make a difference together. By participating in the Green Project associated by REMA, Neeco demonstrates environmental thinking, both towards employees and to the public. By striving to balance environmental, social, and economic sustainability needs to improve the quality of the environment and overall human life. It also allows our employees to contribute to the application of advanced technologies and partake in effective recycling and reusing of appliances.

With the launch of the project back in January 2008, has now the involvement of more than 2,400 devoted companies participating in the project. It recognizes leadership, innovation, and action in the community and is intended for all companies that think ecologically as well as offers employees a unique benefit in solving the problem of corporate electrical waste.

To ensure the health of our planet has never been more important, and we are already seeing the impact worldwide. The Green Company project focuses on the easy collection, recycling and reusing of obsolete electrical equipment and batteries without the need to travel to a special collection point.

With Neeco's sustainability standards, we are committed in cultivating an innovative culture and to create a friendly, respectful workplace for all employees, to achieve positive change and to continue improving the environment.

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