Detailed knowledge of a site may be the most crical step for successful network operaons.

No maer whether you are building a new locaon, updang records about an exisng site, qualifying for a potenal project, or preparing for a project roll-out, Neeco professional engineers and consultants are available for simple as well as very advanced Site Survey and Site Assessment acvies.

Backed by years of experience, Neeco has the capacity to perform various types of site surveys ranging from general ad-hoc surveys with simple deliverables, to complex, mul-naonal, and mul-technology surveys. All types of site surveys can be done anywhere and at any me, supported by a network of over 20 000 professionals spanning 160 + countries. A single point of contact and centralized coordinaon allows for mulple, simultaneous surveys to be performed, thus simplifying communicaon and decreasing the me required for site survey execuon.

The final outcomes from every site survey are comprehensive and fully customizable, and present the opmal soluon for the client’s requirements. Our team of field professionals works closely with central survey Coordinators and Project Managers, who in turn prepare acvity deliverables as required by the client, including tailor-made graphical outputs and unified, clear, and easy-to-use document designs. Flexibility is the key factor in our approach, which allows for custom-made reports and documentaon to benefit the client’s operaons.

The main features of our services include following:

Facility Analysis

Deliverables include floor plans and facility diagrams, electrical network and environmental consideraons, evaluaon of the condion of exisng office/ building components or site access, and local user-related informaon.

Advanced Site Surveys

We are able to deliver fully customized Site Surveys to answer the client’s specific requirements. Such acvies may include ulizaon of non-standard tools and equipment, applicaon of special knowledge, or tailor-made survey procedures

Indoor and Outdoor Services

We perform in-building surveys as well as outdoor intervenons as required by the clients and their specific requirements.

Wireless Network Surveys

We provide detailed informaon that addresses coverage, interference sources, equipment placement, power consideraons, and wiring requirements. The site survey documentaon serves as a guide for network design, and for the installaon and verificaon of the wireless communicaon infrastructure.

Data Network Surveys

It is essenal to ensure that the client’s network performs in a manner that is consistent with the technology vendor’s design recommendaons and deployment best pracces. Deliverables of data network surveys include cabling layout as well as physical and logical network design and consideraons

Voice/Video Network Surveys

We offer specialized surveys focused on unified communicaon, business video and collaboraon applicaons, and their specific requirements.

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