Truck Transportation

Operate your truck the smarter way

The straightway to increase your profit and get ahead of the competition is to know all details about vehicle use and its work efficiency. We bring you a complete set of solutions to optimize performance in truck transportation. Delivery delays will no longer be unpleasant surprises for you.

  • Automatic Logbook
  • Fuel Management
  • Driver Evaluation

Online Monitoring

Watch the exact location of all your trucks on the map and have all the necessary information in one place. NUTS records the exact history of vehicle movements and automatically creates a detailed logbook. The system indicates various changes in the vehicle's use status such as private/business trip, coupled/uncoupled semi-trailer, loaded/unloaded truck, open/closed back doors etc. You can also monitor values such as the freight temperature, humidity, air pressure and other variables. By connecting the device to your vehicle tachograph, the system can remotely watch the dashboard and follow up the compliance with safety breaks according to EU regulation 561/2006 or AETR.

Fuel Economy and maintenance management

Fuel consumption and maintenance costs are crucial and getting it under control is the key to profit. Watch your current fuel economy and optimize it to the ideal state. NUTS lets you load all fuel cards in bulk and view the results. Maintenance log will help you keep track of planned servicing by timely notifications.

Easy order management

Instructions sent in time will help you prevent unnecessary kilometres. NUTS sends the order list from the dispatcher directly to the driver. Once unloading is complete, the task is marked as completed and the system will navigate the driver to the next destination.

Take your customer service to the next level

Provide your customers with information about temperature, humidity or a number of shocks during shipping. Send them a link to see the current location of their shipment. They will surely appreciate the transparency that will build their trust in your services.

Driver Evaluation

Nowadays, there is a shortage of drivers and therefore you have to hire inexperienced ones whose behaviour behind the wheel can sometimes cause a lot of damage. NUTS collects all the necessary data and allows you to compare the driving style of each driver so that you can prevent unnecessary injuries and damages.

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