Why You Should Take Advantage in 2022 of Neeco's Managed Services

23 February 2022

Your company needs reliable ICT systems. From cybersecurity to data storage and hardware, dozens of moving parts keep your business running smoothly. These days, constant technological innovation, increased security risks, and more remote workers are making the traditional model of ICT operations disadvantageous. Companies suffer inconveniences like outages and downtime due to lack of support, which can waste time and money while hampering their ability to provide for clients. According to the 2022 State of IT report by SWZD, 21% of enterprise and 18% of European businesses’ tech budgets are earmarked for managed services. This has led to more businesses outsourcing technology operations to a managed service provider.

Neeco’s ICT solutions have benefited clients for years and have become one of the highest global ICT servicing providers to offer its clients managed services contracts. Outsourcing your IT operations to Neeco’s managed services will not only boost efficiency, but also improve security, and lower costs, allowing you to provide for your end-customers more successfully. 

The primary benefits of managed services companies are its cost benefits. Instead of paying the whole amount as soon as you begin, you choose the timetable of payments that will best suit your needs. Plans range from payment over one year up to three or more years. Even initial installation is paid as part of the fee and not in one big bulk at the onset. Shifting towards managing ICT services with operating expenditures rather than traditional capital expenditures will allow for far more flexibility, better time value for money, and reduced taxes. Moreover, by knowing exactly what your company will pay for IT monthly, you can easily and accurately forecast your company’s annual IT spending. Successful use of managed services can lead to a significant reduction in IT costs (25-45%) while increasing operational efficiency by a considerable 45-65% as stated in the Mordor Intelligence survey.

Neeco can offer a full range of complex ICT solutions on a managed services contract basis. Firstly, IT equipment and materials purchasing – usually one of the most significant expenses for a company–becomes more agile and flexible as the client gets quicker access to burgeoning technologies while minimizing risks that are associated with the hardware ownership. Secondly, preventive, and corrective maintenance paid on a regular basis tremendously helps to overcome issues related to network downtime and data loss. It helps to maintain a seamless process and avoid any unnecessary costs related to unforeseen repairs, updates, and replacement of any broken or outdated hardware. The same is relevant for software and licensing: managed services contracts provide transparency and visibility, allowing better oversight on software assets and usage, which in turn helps cut costs. Neeco can equally provide connectivity services (via its partner, AirX Technologies) or even offer long-term personnel – whatever can help to ensure our clients that they can focus on their core business matters while the rest is coordinated under one contract with one point of contact (Neeco!) for all aspects.

The number of requests from our clients to learn more about our managed services offering has been increasing swift in the past months. A large number of our clients that have been traditionally procuring our services as one-offs such as Tata Communications, PCCW Global and Ngena have switched to this new model and are now reaping its varied benefits – from the increased efficiency to the cut costs to the simplified and more secure day-to-day IT processes.  In line with this dynamic, managed services now make up 45% of Neeco’s revenues and it is predicted this will continue growing and rise to 60-70% by 2025.

Neeco’s clients clearly aren’t the only companies finding ICT managed services a far better alternative to the traditional break-fix or on-demand formats and this trend is clear in 2021, 38% of global businesses outsourced at least half of their IT needs to managed services providers, a jump from 25% in 2020 according to CIO data. The reasons behind this are too clear. Your company reduces costs while increasing operational efficiency and security coverage. Your IT budget becomes predictive, and you save time and money while getting the best service at a price tailored to you. All the while you keep your focus where it belongs – on your company’s business growth and customer satisfaction. Here at Neeco, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve organizational success and embrace digital transformation through the power of a managed services model. With the pace of change in technology, it’s important to work with a partner that can meet an organization’s needs now and in the future.

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