Get to know Neeco

Get to know Martin

I have been working at Neeco for over 7 years and during the past two years I have been the Leader of the Project Team. I assign individual projects to my colleagues. Each of them manages their own project and I am available for consultations or to help to solve problems
that may arise. At the same time, I supervise the entire project and make sure that everything runs as it should. I am also responsible for pre-sales, mainly working on proposals for our clients.
I am in daily contact with our clients via telephone or e-mail and I also travel worldwide to meet them.

Meeting on the beach

I see the opportunity to travel as one of the most significant benefits of working at Neeco. I have already visited approximately 20 countries around the world. While working on a large project for an airline company, I had an opportunity to visit multiple countries in Asia and had a chance to learn about different approaches to managing meetings. Dress code
requirements, for instance, do vary quite a lot: in India suits are not required and in Bali, where the meetings are held in a very friendly atmosphere, shorts and a beach shirt does not seem to offend anyone.
I also managed to collect numerous business contacts, some of which became my friends, whom I sometimes visit for a few days.