Expanding Your Business Internationally? How to Build 53 Branches across All Continents within a Month

International expansion and developing a business across continents is a challenging task that puts a heavy strain on the capabilities of any ICT provider. Very tight deadlines are the most difficult part of such expansions. It is not unusual for deployments to have to be carried out in a matter of a few weeks. So, is it possible to build 50 ICT sites across all continents within a month? The answer is yes, but not every ICT provider is capable of it.

Setting up new business operations in New York, Prague, Mumbai, Cairo and Mexico City within a month may seem like a mission impossible. As a global ICT services provider, Neeco has based its growing business on accomplishing exactly this kind of task.

Neeco leverages knowledge of local environments thanks to an unrivalled field force of more than 26,000 engineers, certified professionals, and consultants across more than 160 countries around the globe. “We have built our success on partnerships with local trustworthy IT providers across the continents. Consequently, we can supply our customers with the most effective hardware and software implementations, services, maintenance, and additional support. We think globally but act locally to provide premium value-added services anywhere in the world at the shortest delivery times,“ says David Patek, the CEO of Neeco.

Fast delivery times are possible in part thanks to Neeco’s unique central management system offering clients a single point of contact: “That means clients do not have to deal with disparate IT personnel or local providers scattered around the world. A dedicated Neeco team serves as a single point of contact for all the projects covering multiple countries,” says Ladislav Baca, Neeco’s Service Delivery Manager.

Accomplished: 53 Sensitive Diplomatic Sites Equipped within One Month

Neeco usually picks up where others left off. Designing a solution is usually the easier part of a project. The challenging part is its implementation, which often takes place in very different environments. “One has to know the specifics of the countries where projects are implemented. This is only possible through partnerships with local providers. That is the core of our success,” says Petr Opravil, Senior Solutions Architect.

When Neeco was asked to deliver and install approximately 1,000 pieces of hardware at 53 sensitive diplomatic sites around the world for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Gulf country, the answer was simple: “Yes, we can do it!” 

Although all Neeco’s engineers had to have security clearance in advance due to the sensitive diplomatic environment, each installation job took only around a week to complete. “The engineers were specifically trained before each on-site dispatch to understand the scope of the work. We managed to meet the deadline despite the time pressure. This is exactly the kind of flexibility we can offer,” explains Petr Opravil.

Neeco Is Proud To Be a White Label Partner for Global ICT Providers

Never heard of Neeco? New clients often ask why the Neeco brand is not more visible, considering the complexity of the projects spanning across all continents. “We are proud to serve as a white label ICT provider in the majority of our projects. We are hired by major ICT and telco global providers to deploy their solutions in various environments. Nothing is a problem for us and that is what they appreciate. As a white label provider, however, we usually cannot share the names of our primary clients,” explains David Patek, CEO.

Providing Artificial Intelligence as Well as New Chairs and Tables

Nowadays, IT solutions have become a commodity. Everybody talks about 5G, artificial intelligence, human augmentation, robotic process automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, etc. But they are all only commodities that can be purchased from various providers in a similar quality for more or less the same price.

“What makes the difference is the ability to implement the technologies in different environments, maintain them and develop them further as the business requires. That is something that very few global ICT providers can manage. That is why we are often hired to deliver this flexibility and ensure implementation and maintenance,” says David Patek.

Expanding a business internationally does not require only designing and building a reliable ICT infrastructure. The tedious but crucial work comes afterwards: maintenance and post-implementation support. “We provide complex support of IoT and M2M roll-out projects across more than 160  countries around the world. Our engineers provide simple as well as very advanced site surveys. We can do it thanks to the workforce of more than 26,000 field engineers we cooperate with,” says Petr Opravil.

Neeco’s philosophy is also to go the extra mile and not stop where the keyboard ends. Creating a reliable ICT solution also includes finding the right place that is safe for its infrastructure and creating an amicable working environment. “We can deliver top of the range IT solutions and at the same time find the right office space and equip it with chairs and tables if that’s what the client needs. We realise that such small favours can make a world of difference,” concludes David Patek.

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