Deferred Payments for Clients in Need

Neeco understands the current situation is difficult for everyone. Many businesses have suddenly been confronted with seemingly unmanageable financial burdens, and have few options as to how to continue to pay for essential ICT services. Neeco’s services have been largely unaffected, but many clients have found themselves in a predicament. 

To help clients whose cashflow is temporarily limited, Neeco is now offering deferred payments to existing clients. It will allow them to keep their businesses up and running even if they’re experiencing financial difficulties. In addition, Neeco’s short-term contracts for technology rentals and managed services can help clients optimise their cashflow by reducing the need for larger, one-time investments. With so much of the world currently affected by the pandemic, it is absolutely imperative that ICT service providers implement new policies, protocols, services, and payment options. We’re all in this together, and Neeco is here to help.