End-user computing is undergoing its most significant transition in recent decades as focus moves from technology to the business results it delivers. We are facing centralization of global computing, introduction of innovative tech tools, and new access demands to corporate resources, with increasingly demanding end-users looking for consistent, simple to use solutions. These trends require new ways of understanding and supporting technology end-users. Neeco can significantly improve the confidence end-users have about their IT ecosystems, decrease the time IT administrators need to spend on equipment maintenance and asset management tasks, reduce internal costs, and improve employee productivity.

In order to achieve these results, our complex End-User Support offers our Clients:

Solutions provided as a resale or completely managed services.

Comprehensive support and continuous optimization for the overall end-user environment.

24x7 complete end-customer care - anytime, anywhere, any device.

Improved end-user productivity and satisfaction levels.

Extensive, ever expanding, and adaptive innovation ecosystem.

Managed services provides a modern way of sourcing ICT needs. The scope of managed services is always discussed with our client, with a focus on:

Predictability of monthly payments

Agility to expand or reduce the scope of managed services at any time

Modernization and upgrades of the digital network as practical, so the overall network stays up to date, offering the newest features in terms of user experience, speed, security, and reliability

There are multiple technologies that create the complex End-user’s digital environment to support their primary business goals, including:

Video conferencing and collaboration

Audio-visual technologies

Mobility and wireless solutions


End-user Computing such as laptops, mobiles, and tablets

Industry-specific technologies

Neeco’s global End-user Support helps organizations in the following major areas:

IT support and maintenance provided by a remote multilingual 24x7 HelpDesk or on-site personnel.

WiFi environments including public and guest solutions

New site roll outs and rapid deployments

Asset management

Workforce management and employee sourcing

Desk-Side Support

End-user training and floor walking

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