Key Features

Key Features

Neeco is a strong, reliable and professional organization which services most of the key market players

This helps us make continuous improvements in network and service quality and efficiency.

Neeco provides complex ICT services

We are a leading provider of complete multivendor ICT services on a world-wide basis. Through our unique approach, we exploit the knowledge of local environments to supply our customers with the most effective hardware and software implementations, services, maintenance, and additional support.

Neeco allows you to focus on your core business activities

Our solution and best-in-class process management allows us to easily offload your resources so you can focus on core business matters such as building relationships with customers, marketing, and selling products. With Neeco’s effective and professional global support you can deploy the most advanced and up-to-date network solutions globally, improve response times, decrease delivery times, and increase the quality of on-site services.

Neeco offers truly global coverage

Through our award-winning channel partner network spreading through 7 continents and more than 160 world countries, unique central management, and premium value-added services, we are able to deliver complete ICT services anywhere, at the shortest deployment times, cost-effectively, and at the highest level of quality. Neeco’s global footprint includes very remote and hard-to-access areas, such as small islands, mining sites, and politically unstable countries.

Neeco introduces a single point of contact for multi-vendor and multi-national operations

We focus on improving the process of delivering technology solutions worldwide through efficient and effective utilization of your resources in combination with out-tasking support through Neeco Global ICT Services. We can dramatically reduce the complexity of our Client’s network operations with the introduction of a single point of contact for multi-vendor and multi-national operations.

White Label Services

Neeco‘s White Label services allow a whole portfolio of services to be branded by companies, offering a unified image for our Client’s customers.

Simplify your operations and focus on your core business to expedite ROI and offer a better experience for your customers.