High-touch KEC Management

Treating the Key End Customers of our Clients as individuals by providing personalized operations management.

We believe that the most crucial trend in successful customer service is to treat customers as individuals. This means honoring specific preferences unique to a given customer and delivering personalized, anticipatory technological behavior and aggregated information— instantly.

Whatever is important for our Clients is also of key importance to Neeco. We understand that excellent end customer service, specifically for major accounts, is a top priority for our Clients , and so it is for us. Therefore, we have introduced High-touch Key End Customers (KEC) Operations Management with the aim to extend the focus of dedicated support to the end customer level, ensuring the best possible service performance between the End Customer, our Clients, and Neeco.

Key features of Neeco’s High-touch KEC Operations Management program include:

  • A dedicated Neeco Service Delivery Manager familiar with the End Customer’s business and operations.
  • Close collaboration with Client’s teams dedicated to a given End Customer.
  • Personalized operational support during the standard services delivery.
  • Support in post-implementation stages, including maintenance call monitoring.
  • Assurance of follow-up and closure of critical problems related to a given major account.

Main deliverables of Neeco’s High-touch KEC Operations Management program:

  • Smoother, hassle-free daily operations.
  • Securing the highest retention rates of Client’s major accounts.
  • Development of business between Client and KEC through the introduction of customized services.
  • Tailored analytics and reporting for our Client or their End Customer to provide the best KEC service experience.

Simplify your operations and focus on your core business to expedite ROI and offer a better experience for your customers.