Global Talent Solutions

The world is getting smaller every day and we become more connected to countries and companies halfway around the globe. This means more opportunities, but also that businesses must be more flexible and open to new ways of operating.

Neeco Global Talent Solutions program enables Clients to deploy talent where and when needed, while saving the company money by avoiding both entity establishment and related ongoing costs in-country, thus helps Clients gain a competitive edge and grow their global presence.

Global Talent Solutions at a glance

  • Variety of resources from the ICT branch
  • Solutions at local, national, and multi-national levels
  • Enables Clients to find staffing solutions anywhere in the world without setting up a foreign legal entity
  • No need to be locked into any long-term contract of employment
  • On top of finding the right resource, Neeco also takes care of related needs (equipment, office…)
  • Ideal for projects lasting longer than 6 months

Key Features of Neeco Global Talent Solutions

Global Coverage

Neeco’s global expertise and local insight helps Clients grow and expand into nearly every part of the world, offering solutions at local, national and multi-national level.

High Flexibility

Global Talent Solutions allows Clients to respond swiftly to demand and to have the right people at hand at the right time to meet business requirements.

Visibility and Control

Clients maintain full control of the day-to-day responsibilities and liabilities of the source to achieve the highest satisfaction possible.

Additional needs

If required, Neeco can also provide the equipment, working space, or other necessities for the resource.

Unique Central Management

All requests, invoicing, reporting, etc. are tracked and managed through a single point of contact, which saves time and reduces the overall costs for Clients.

Tailored Solution

Neeco handles the search based on the factors that matter the most to Clients – from quality of candidates to speed of responsiveness.

Simplify your operations and focus on your core business to expedite ROI and offer a better experience for your customers.