Rapid decline in legacy services such as voice and data services, together with conservative spending by organizations for traditional in-house IT solutions, have put significant pressure on ICT service providers to quickly implement new strategic, next generation services. As customers prefer complex, unified solutions, delivered seamlessly across many countries and regions, there is a growing need for portfolio expansion to truly capitalize on enterprise market growth opportunities.

Neeco helps to accelerate sales and delivery cycles to get the most from the current shift towards centralized, next generation services, including:

Big Data & Cloud

We offer a full range of services: strategy, planning, designing, building and operating data centers, and provisioning Cloud solutions. Neeco delivers secure, efficient, and reliable data center and cloud services for mission-critical IT systems and applications.

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Neeco offers complete services required to implement and operate mobile technologies, including industry-specific product distribution, field deployment, and operations support. M2M is one of our key areas of focus.

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Cybersecurity & Surveillance

Neeco delivers an end-to-end cyber security capability that helps organizations to significantly improve their cyber security and resilience, minimize risks, and capitalize on modern IT technologies. For more information about Security Solutions click here. (odskok na odskok na Cybersecurity v ramci Advanced Services (Solutions)).
Collaboration- We provide support during solution design, realization and deployment, production and operation, as well as the optimization and modernization stages of any collaboration project.

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SMART Cities and Internet of things

Neeco helps to plan, execute, deploy, operate, and analyze Smart City solutions, including connectivity provisioning between sites, devices, and humans, to create safer, better integrated, and highly intelligent cities.

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We help our partners to accelerate growth and capitalize on opportunities that arise from strong customer demands for global, centralized, next-generation services.