Logistics and Warehousing

Neeco provides a comprehensive spectrum of technology supply services so our Clients can complement their service portfolio with professional, independent, and cost-effective global logistics and warehousing solutions.

The demand by customers for turnkey, complex, and predictable solutions has raised tremendous pressure to complement equipment sourcing with global logistics services to be able to source and deliver equipment to its destination, preferably as a door-to-door solution without involvement needed from the End Customer during the procurement, custom clearance, and central and local warehousing stages.

Typically, logistics and staging solutions can enhance the performance of the following groups of Clients:

Telecommunication companies and Service Providers

Neeco provides equipment, logistics, warehousing, and staging to manage the whole process of technology procurement.

Technology vendors

We offer supply chain management services for technology vendors, their channel partners, and end customers to deliver technologies from central locations, where hardware is assembled, to its final destination.

Governmental agencies and NGOs

Neeco offers complex logistics services, both international and in-country, to deliver technologies to governmental, non-governmental, and public organizations, as well as commercial organizations and citizens.

Neeco’s Channel Partners

For our Channel Partners we offer the possibility to enhance their existing service portfolio with global logistics solutions; this is also available as a White Label solution which offers a unified image for our Channel Partners.

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We help our partners to accelerate growth and capitalize on opportunities that arise from strong customer demands for global, centralized, next-generation services.