Monitoring of small aircraft

What are the benefits of the Neeco Universal Tracking System (NUTS)? 

Tracking of position, direction, and speed at 30 second intervals 

Logging of up to 10,000 entries in case of mobile signal unavailability 

Shock analysis detects whether aircraft are properly handled  

Altitude monitoring up to 2,200 metres above sea level 

Detection of entry to forbidden zones 

Battery life of 120 flight hours and an additional 80 hours while grounded 

Comprehensive flight logs for other uses, for example as study materials for pilot training 

Service and maintenance overview 

Global coverage 

How does it work? 

NUTS uses GPS coordinates and triaxial G-sensor to monitor the movement and tilt of small aircraft. All data is transmitted to an easily accessible web portal by an integrated global SIM card, which ensures connectivity almost anywhere around the world. 

GPS unit with sensors and battery
Online platform accessible through web browsers as well as iOS and Android mobile applications

Product Variants

Every purchase of a NUTS unit includes: the unit itself, an integrated global SIM card, and a prepaid one-year subscription to the online NUTS service. 

Two device variants are currently available (L and M). The units are functionally identical and only differ in terms of battery life. 

7 799 CZK VAT included (6 445 CZK VAT excluded)

6 999 CZK VAT included (5 784 CZK VAT excluded)

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