Neeco has built a world-class global infrastructure dedicated to the flawless execution of supply chain services.


Independent solutions

Today there is no single transportation company that offers the best solution globally. Therefore, we partner with world’s leading carriers as well as local logistics companies to create global logistics solutions that utilize our extensive experience with global and regional shipping, thereby offering the best performance to our Clients.

Central management

Our logistics management specialists are committed to serving our customers anywhere, meeting the needs of our Clients through Single Point of Contact (SPOC,) and leading management solutions.


Our global supply chain management solutions are designed to offer maximum simplicity for our Clients through professional coordination, web based tracking tools, and flexible alerts.

Delivery times

Using our experience, we are able to use the best solutions in both standard and remote regions to offer the shortest delivery times of transported assets.

Predictability and assurance

Unlike other global logistics companies, Neeco can offer fully controlled, predictable, and assured door to door services, including shipping to emerging countries and challenging regions where exceptional knowledge of the local environment and compliance requirements is necessary. Extensive support on country borders through Neeco’s own brokers allows us to provide final transportation costs in advance as well as minimize the probability of delays.

Demonstrable cost savings

Through global, wholesale agreements with logistics companies, we are able to offer significant cost savings for companies of all sizes when compared to legacy methods of direct collaboration between Clients and transportation firms.

In a diverse world that requires seamless solutions, Neeco strives to introduce simplicity and unrivalled integration of processes and procedures, becoming the one stop shop for our Clients‘ business needs and unifying the sourcing of a broad portfolio of activities under the single umbrella of well-known, consistent, and high-quality ICT services.