Testing, POC and Pilot Deployments

Neeco’s Proof of Concept (POC) and testing services help to assess and evaluate ICT solutions developed by our Clients while preparing fresh installations, upgrading, or scaling an existing operation. We collaborate closely with our Clients to provide equipment, technical services, and expertise required to run and evaluate solutions in a safe, controlled environment prior to deployment in the real world.

As a part of Testing, POC, and Pilot Deployments services, we offer:

  • Collaboration while defining a test plan
  • Short-term technology rentals and infrastructure set up
  • Field and professional services
  • Central coordination including briefings and project reviews
  • Detailed report and recommendations based on test results
  • Consultations and technical training

Neeco Demo and Technology Testing Services

Neeco Demo and Technology Testing Services provide a platform where up-to-date technologies and solutions can be assessed and evaluated. The driving factor behind the launch of this product is our interest in evolving vendors, technologies, and services.

To offer maximum simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, the Neeco Demo and Technology Testing Services are offered completely on a complimentary basis for Clients. Throughout service delivery, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide firsthand insights, not only into the technical requirements, but also into the business needs that drive these technology requirements.

As a part of the Demo and Technology Testing we provide following services:

Professional Services

Try and Buy Program

Neeco Try and Buy enables Clients to get hands-on experience with selected, up-to-date products and technologies. This program helps Clients to evaluate ICT solutions for a limited time, in their networks, before the purchase.

Hardware Distribution, Logistics, and Staging

Field Services

  • Installations at Client lab environment or at End Customer Sites in order to proceed with Test-drive - and Sample scenarios.
  • Neeco Proof of Concept (POC) and Testing Services help to assess and evaluate ICT solutions developed by our Clients while preparing fresh installations, upgrading, or scaling an existing operation.

Technical Support,
Consultations and Training

  • Remote technical support utilizing the technical expertise of Neeco Solution Architects and Product Managers.
  • On-site training sessions and demonstrations for End Users to accelerate the Client team’s familiarity with new ICT technologies deployed in their organization.

Periodical updates about new
products and technologies

We will inform our Clients regularly about interesting, progressive, and valuable technologies, and include a brief description of the product itself as well as the main advantages that can drive the product deployment.
If there are any products that our Clients find attractive we would love to hear about them! Clients are encouraged to contact their assigned Neeco Account Manager or drop us an email at info@neeco.com to discuss any new products.

Connectivity and Mobility

Support of developing
technology solutions

Neeco works closely with OEMs to complement their products with required services in order to create globally functional, high-performance ICT solutions that deliver compliance, enforce security and eliminate risks.
Our support of technology vendors includes:

  • Collaboration during planning and designing stages
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) services for End Customers
  • Global distribution, logistics, and warehousing support
  • On-site integration
  • SLA-based maintenance and spare parts management

Simplify your operations and focus on your core business to expedite ROI and offer a better experience for your customers.

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