Rapid Deployments

For some Clients, very fast deployment of a particular solution is a key business requirement. As a part of our solutions, we have developed processes to deploy required technologies and services in extremely short times, so Clients and End Customers can use necessary connectivity and applications very quickly.

Examples of situations when Rapid deployment solutions are desired:

  • Rapid activation of new or acquired sites connectivity
  • Urgent move and change (MAC) requirements
  • Temporary or seasonal applications
  • Corrective activities

Key business benefits:

  • Solutions are typically charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, offering excellent ROI for Clients.
  • Rapid deployments are available globally.
  • Rapid delivery timeframes start at 24 hours from request acceptance.

Key features:

Rapid Connectivity

We have the possibility to connect or restore connectivity using portable, mobile connectivity options, specifically mobile 3G/ 4G and satellite connectivity.

    The solution comes with all necessary equipment and services to offer truly plug-and-play rapid deployment option for our Clients:
  • 3G/4G router with SIM cards and active data connectivity.
  • Satellite router/ modem, satellite dish, and other necessary parts together with active satellite connectivity.
  • Integration, professional services, and operations support.

For more information about Neeco Connectivity Solutions click here.

Rapid Hardware Delivery

We understand that due to some unpredictable situations, fast hardware delivery might be critical to satisfy business requirements. For such cases we are able to deliver temporary hardware utilizing our stock availabilities. The solution is typically required in cases of unforeseen delivery delays, seasonal and temporary requirements, or pilot and POC (Proof of Concept) activities.

For more information about Hardware Distribution Solutions click here.

Rapid Field Support

In urgent situations we are able to dispatch our field engineers equipped with a standard toolkit (laptop, console and UTP cables, mobile phone with data connectivity, mounting and patching tools) in very short times to provide very fast equipment integration or on-site troubleshooting.

For more information about Field Support click here.

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