Bid / Quote Preparations

Neeco’s Bidding Group provides Clients with professional services that are essential to a successful bid. We can assist with gaining access to information, operating to timescales, maintaining a robust process, and help in dealing with bidding wars.

What we do

As a part of our main support activities, Neeco helps Clients with quote preparation. These activities include small, standalone quote requests as well as global, multi-national, and multi-vendor bid preparations. Neeco offers Clients bidding support focused on increasing the chance of success, and maximizing profits at the same time.

    The main features of our services include:
  • The ability to bid for projects taking place in any world location, as we are an experienced global ICT supplier.
  • Bidding commercials that include labor, technologies, logistics, staging and any other items required at the bidding phase.
  • As a standard, we provide commercials inclusive of all fees related to particular bid request, including all customs fees in cases of technology shipments; this is possible due to Neeco‘s long-term experience with world-wide logistics, local legal specifics, and other dependencies within the global IT technology deployment life-cycle.
  • As a part of our bidding services, we secure required relationships and agreements with technology vendors.
  • Neeco also analyzes the vulnerability of the target market and helps Clients achieve their target bid by providing recommendations. We study and analyze the market and sector intelligence to give value-added recommendations which can help evaluate business and head towards progress.
  • The financial, operational, and strategic variables are also analyzed to lead bidders towards greater efficiency and accuracy in investments.

How we work

Neeco has a dedicated team of personnel trained to deliver the required quote/ bid in the shortest time, in the format that suits the particular requirement, and at the highest standards of quality. Standard quote preparation times are also available as SLA-based services with delivery times up to 2 hours from quote acceptance. With such extremely fast responses, Clients can be sure they will not miss out any potential bid deadlines due to a supplier’s long quote preparation times.

Any quote bid preparation request and its status can be tracked through Neeco’s ProTrack on-line tracking tool; additionally, status changes are sent to the requester through email.

As a part of Neeco’s Quotation Team services, we are happy to help with the preparation of official RFP/RFQ response documents. These are also available as White Label solutions so that documents can be easily rebranded by our Clients.

Simplify your operations and focus on your core business to expedite ROI and offer a better experience for your customers.