Infrastructure Expansion

Demand by customers for unified, packaged solutions delivered by a single, trusted, and reliable provider presents huge opportunities to offer connectivity combined with core, access edge, or end customer solutions and vice versa.

There are three major groups of Clients leveraging Neeco’s Infrastructure expansion services:

Telecommunication companies and connectivity owners

The requirement to offer global, secure, reliable, and seemingly single connectivity solutions spanning through all locations where a potential or existing End Customer has its presence and connectivity needs has led to an increased demand on telecommunication companies to complement their native global connectivity network with 3rd party solutions to offer a unified connectivity experience. Neeco helps to extend the connectivity reach through our extensive capabilities in both standard and emerging regions, utilizing bilateral agreements with leading local and regional connectivity providers.

Service Providers and Virtual Network Operators

For Service Providers and Virtual Network Operators that do not own any physical infrastructure and who are willing to complement a standard set of services with global connectivity options, Neeco offers a simple, cost-effective, and reliable one-stop-shop solution. We can also provide consultations and training to educate our Clients and keep them up-to-date.

Governmental agencies and NGOs

We cooperate with governmental agencies and NGOs to help design, plan, and deliver appropriate connectivity solutions to both public and private sectors. With robust and reliable solutions we boost economic growth, and support a growing demand for seamless high-bandwidth connectivity in both standard and emerging regions.

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We help our partners to accelerate growth and capitalize on opportunities that arise from strong customer demands for global, centralized, next-generation services.