Connectivity solutions

Neeco provides global network connectivity that helps our Clients to communicate with their organizations and customers over a secure and reliable infrastructure. Our carrier-neutral design includes basic layer 1 connectivity services all the way through complex layer 3 managed routing and network monitoring.

Global broadband access: typical for small- to medium-sized offices and businesses, remote workers, or as a cost-effective backup solution.

Dedicated internet access (DIA): typical for medium- to large-sized offices and businesses requiring robust connectivity and premium SLAs.

3G / 4G Mobile connectivity: typical for short-term and ad-hoc requirements, mobile and portable solutions, deployments in remote locations, personal and SOHO requirements, for rapid deployments to avoid a time delay before a fixed line is deployed, or as a flexible backup solution.

Satellite connectivity: typical for provisioning connectivity in very distant areas, for short-term and ad-hoc requirements, media broadcasting, mobile, and portable solutions. When used in conjunction with terrestrial networks for traditional IT function and user collaboration, satellite capability also provides the ideal disaster recovery solution for protection against terrestrial connection failure caused by human error or natural disasters.

Form factors

We provide connectivity solutions that fit Client requirements and local availability.

Fixed: typically deployed as a long-term solution for primary connectivity for offices, commercial sites, and remote workers.

Mobile: solutions that are easily movable between sites or locations; can be used for temporary connectivity purposes, ad-hoc and urgent requirements, as a backup solution, or for organizations that frequently change their place of presence.

Portable: connectivity delivered in a handheld or light case form that can be carried by workers and employees from one location to another; used by people requiring connectivity while travelling and for temporary purposes.


Neeco Global Data Connectivity contracts are designed to cover the diverse business needs of our Partners and their End Customers.

Long term: a standard connectivity plan with a minimum 12-month contract subscription period.

Short term: for short term data connectivity requirements, we offer specific contracts starting from a 1 day subscription period. This solution is ideal for seasonal and ad-hoc requirements, temporary connectivity for shows, events, or generally any unforeseen circumstances. Typically, data connectivity is provisioned utilizing 3G/ 4G or satellite connections in a mobile or portable form.

Rapid deployments: we believe that very fast deployment of data connectivity is crucial. Terrestrial connections might take significant time to activate, from a couple of weeks to several months in remote locations. Rapid deployment solutions were designed to provide temporary data connectivity prior to deployment and activation of long term connectivity solutions. Typically, data connectivity is provisioned utilizing 3G/ 4G or satellite connections in a mobile or portable form.

Backup link: solutions used for maintenance purposes. If primary connectivity fails, we are able to restore connectivity quickly before consequent troubleshooting, raising trouble tickets with ISP, replacing faulty equipment, or reconfiguring primary devices. The most advanced and cost-effective approach is to utilize Neeco’s spare 3G/ 4G connection or satellite technologies in remote locations, with SLAs starting at 24x7x2 and 24x7x4.

Custom: for a wide range of applications and Partners, custom contracts are prepared to match exact expectations, connection speeds, and availability, with any additional services included under the contract.

Specific markets

Neeco delivers a broad range of connectivity solutions designed specifically for particular industries, organizations, businesses, and distinct requirements to get the most from the possibilities of today’s connected world.

Telecom & Service Providers: Neeco supports the world’s largest telecommunication companies, delivering tailored solutions for their core networks and dedicated support for end customers. With a wide portfolio of progressive services we help to strengthen customer relationships and unlock new revenue streams. Services are typically delivered as White Label solutions, which preserve a unified image for our Clients. For multinational telecommunication companies, multiple connectivity types coexist to provide primary connectivity for standard as well as remote locations, and robust, SLA-based backup maintenance solutions.

Government and public sector Clients: our broad portfolio of fixed, mobile, portable, and maritime solutions deliver highly secure connectivity for federal, state, and local organizations across the globe, including operations in difficult terrain, temporary sites, politically unstable countries, and war zones. For emerging countries we help boost economic growth and deliver education and knowledge through securing Internet connectivity to local organizations and households.

Neeco Channel Partners: we complement solutions offered by our Channel Partners to help accelerate the growth through a wider portfolio of services. Neeco services are generally provided on a White Label basis, making sure our Partner’s image remains unified. We are also happy to cooperate on bid preparations, solution designs and analytics, and reporting that can be delivered rebranded based on our Partner’s requirements and End Customer expectations.

Specific applications

M2M: solutions designed for low-bandwidth device communication to deliver connectivity to any equipment to be monitored, controlled, or operated cost-effectively at any place in the world. Once connected, electronic devices, machines, and vehicles can be monitored and controlled remotely, saving people, companies, and governments time and money. We support M2M solutions through global field support, technology distribution, maintenance, and operations support.

Shows and events: For short-term internet requirements with fast delivery times, we provide 3G/ 4G or satellite internet access as a high speed service at a cost-effective price. Such solutions are ideal for festivals, exhibitions, launches, tours, venues, or conferences. We are able to set up the required equipment and activate this service in less than one hour.

Connected Life: Connected living describes a world in which homes, offices, cities, and organizations are all seamlessly connected through multiple intelligent devices that integrate video, voice, and data services to provide access and ubiquitous connectivity anytime and anywhere. A Frost & Sullivan forecast study values the market — comprising connected home, work, and city solutions —to be worth $731.70 billion by 2020. It’s expected that around 2025 all devices will be connected. This creates a massive opportunity for early movers that can take advantage of a partnership alliance with Neeco and its global data connectivity ecosystem to be able to execute quickly and offer unified solutions across many regions.

Smart Cities: A Smart City is a place where traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies for the benefit of its inhabitants and businesses. Organizations are investing in urban development research to deploy ICT systems that will drive sustainable economic growth. Neeco helps to plan, execute, deploy, operate, and analyze Smart City solutions, including connectivity provisioning between sites, devices, and humans, to create safer, better integrated, and highly intelligent cities.

Oil & Gas & Mining: Natural resources are often found in remote and sometimes rough locations where even the simplest communication and logistical tasks present complex challenges, which can be both difficult and costly. Neeco provides a full range of communication solutions that are specifically tailored to the oil, gas, and mining industry’s unique requirements and geographic and operational challenges to boost productivity and increase ROI. Neeco’s complex communication services include connectivity, field support, and maintenance.

Retail: the rapidly evolving retail industry has been calling for an ever-increasing collaborative approach between connectivity solution providers and retail businesses. Neeco’s communication solutions support rollouts of new store sites as well as existing store operations, including tailored approaches such as ad-hoc and short term, mobile, or portable connectivity solutions.

Maritime: through VSAT, Inmarsat (BGAN) and Iridium satellite technologies, we are able to serve small, medium, and large vessels by offering broadband Internet and phone connectivity around the globe.

Our ultimate goal is to provide everything our Clients need for successful deployment of global networking solutions. Through our expertise in the field of technical and local environment knowledge, we are able to deliver, deploy, and maintain ICT solutions worldwide, cost effectively, and in the shortest lead times.