3G/ 4G Enterprise Connectivity

Neeco Global Connectivity Platform

Neeco is a global provider of solution-centric, professional-grade, highly versatile, and efficient data connectivity designed for telecommunication companies, service providers and their enterprise customers, governmental and public organizations, and Neeco’s Channel Partners. Through our extensive service portfolio, we can offer a holistic approach to custom tailoring solutions for each Client, unified by Neeco’s Global Connectivity Platform ecosystem. Neeco operates in more than 160 world countries.

3G/4G LTE Enterprise Connectivity

Wireless WAN for primary and backup connectivity

3G and 4G LTE networks offer great WAN diversity and resiliency without dependence on the local terrestrial infrastructure. Small enterprise, branch offices, or remote offices can set up in a matter of hours without worrying about the availability of broadband services, and stay productive during service provider downtime when used as backup.

You may face many challenges when you create a Wide Area Network (WAN) solution for your business, including how to:

  • Deploy the primary or backup network connectivity faster among distributed locations
  • Provision agile, temporary connectivity solutions
  • Build more cost-effective connectivity solutions compared to wired connections

Neeco 3G/4G LTE Connectivity can play a significant role in meeting these challenges by using 3G and 4G LTE networks in addition to, or as an alternative to, wireline WAN solutions. Wireless WAN Connectivity can help your business stay connected, reduce installation intervals, and enable data transmission and transaction processing from almost anywhere your business takes you.

Neeco 3G/ 4G LTE Connectivity Solution Features at a Glance

Various Contract Types Focused on Neeco Clients

  • Long term
  • Short term
  • Rapid deployments
  • Backup links

Focused on Neeco Clients

  • Telecom & Service Providers
  • Government and public
  • Neeco Channel Partners

and Various End Customer Types

  • Branch offices
  • Point of sale locations
  • Retail and pop up stores
  • Kiosks and ATMs
  • Vehicles
  • Remote measurement and monitoring equipment
  • Temporary locations

Related Services Business Benefits

  • Global equipment distribution, logistics and warehousing
  • Equipment leasing and rental
  • Installation services
  • Maintenance and support
  • Consultancy and training

Business Benefits

  • A Single point of contact for communication, operations and invoicing
  • Demonstrable cost savings helping to boost revenue streams
  • Complex solutions inclusive of equipment provisioning, installation, and support
  • Applications and processes supporting a solution-centric approach
  • Global coverage including standard locations, emerging markets, and remote areas

Operational Features

  • 24x7 NOC technical support in a preferred language
  • 24x7 Help Desk support in a preferred language
  • Remote network monitoring
  • White Label services to preserve Client’s unified image
  • SLA service management
  • Single, independent, fully customizable analytics and reporting

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Our ultimate goal is to provide everything our Clients need for successful deployment of global networking solutions. Through our expertise in the field of technical and local environment knowledge, we are able to deliver, deploy, and maintain ICT solutions worldwide, cost effectively, and in the shortest lead times.