Business environments are changing significantly with consumer demand for mobility and accessibility literally anywhere and anytime. Also industry-specific applications such as M2M are putting pressures on deployment and management of secure, reliable, and efficient mobility services. Today, mobile solutions provide abundant commercial opportunities across a wide section of the industry, and will alter the competitive landscape of existing industries.


Neeco Mobility division was established to help enterprises to cope with challenges throughout the process of mobile adoption.

We provide solutions and services in areas of Mobile Development, Connectivity and Mobile Application Security to ensure your smooth transition into the world of mobile. Together with our global coverage and extensive partner network we are ready walk you through.

The key areas we focus on are:

  • Mobility Assessment and Consulting
  • Application and customized software development
  • Production of own hardware and digital signage equipment
  • Mobile Application Security

The key services we offer are:

  • Professional services required to install and maintain IT infrastructure
  • Products and technologies that deliver mobility-enabled infrastructure
  • Business continuity and resiliency services
  • Operations support to deploy and manage mobile-based business solutions efficiently
  • Consultancy services to help our Clients tap new customer segments, approach new markets, and expedite ROI

In a diverse world that requires seamless solutions, Neeco strives to introduce simplicity and unrivalled integration of processes and procedures, becoming the one stop shop for our Clients‘ business needs and unifying the sourcing of a broad portfolio of activities under the single umbrella of well-known, consistent, and high-quality ICT services.