Business Video and Collaboration


Business Video and CollaborationAs an industry leader in delivering complex ICT services to global telecommunication companies, network operators, governmental organizations, and Neeco’s channel partners, we strive to focus on modern technologies and advanced delivery approaches by bringing in Neeco experts so that Clients can expedite ROI while offloading resources to focus on core business matters, such as building relationships with customers, marketing, and selling products.

Key features

  • Standard system integrations (Resale) or Managed services to offer the best deployment solution based on ownership needs, business process requirements, and suitability of commercial factors.
  • Support through the whole service lifecycle to make the most of collaboration solutions that simplify business, drive innovation, increase security, reduce costs, and minimize risks.
  • Multivendor solutions from Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Huawei and others offering both point-to-point, videoconferencing and telepresence systems for the best end user experience.
  • Global availability secured through Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all communication and invoicing to make things easy for our Clients.
  • Delivered by top industry experts and consultants, including Cisco CCIE-certified and Prince2-certified personnel.

Video is an integral part of today’s business world, significantly changing the way people meet and collaborate. Well-designed, unified communication solutions allow participants to work efficiently from anywhere through real-time, high definition live and interactive business video and application sharing. It reduces travel-related costs, improves the effectiveness of workforce and business processes, and accelerates decision making by offering face-to-face partner and customer communication.

Neeco competencies cover our Clients‘ needs for Business Video Solutions from A-Z. Our qualified and experienced pool of experts partners each Client with Neeco services to ensure required support during solution design, realization and deployment, production and operation, as well as the optimisation and modernisation stages of any project.

We offer two main approaches while deploying Business Video Solutions:

  • The final product is owned by our Client or End Customer.
  • Video solutions delivered in the form of a service (VaaS).

System Integration

Plan and Design

Neeco‘s Service Design Team works closely with our Client and/ or their End Customer to consult, plan, and design the most appropriate Business Video Solution. We believe that the precise solution design and implementation plan delivered through experienced personnel is the key to create a user-friendly system so customers can experience better productivity and improved communications after the implementation of any video solution.

  • Our experts can cooperate remotely from Neeco offices, at Clientsites or at End Customerpremises. If required, we can support our partners through participation in meetings with the customer.
  • Through robust partnership agreements we are able to utilize the technology vendor’s support if required.
  • Our team can validate an existing project design and suggest improvements if necessary, or consult on fresh new projects based on an assessment of customers‘ current demands.

Realization and Deployment

Hardware distribution, logistics and staging

As an integral part of our Business Video Solutions, we supply required hardware and software from leading as well as alternative technology vendors. Supported brands include videophone products, videoconferencing and telepresence systems (such as Avaya, Cisco, HP, Huawei, LifeSize, Panasonic, Sony, Polycom, Tandberg, or Librestream), webcam manufacturers (such as Apple, Creative, Genius, Logitech, or Microsoft), or software clients (such as Cisco WebEx, Cisco Jabber, or Microsoft).

Professional services and implementation

To enable business video services, Neeco provides comprehensive Professional services in all of our solution deployment areas including equipment installation, device configuration, troubleshooting, and acceptance testing.

End User trainings and floor walking

With Collaboration Solutions, multiple modes of business communications are seamlessly integrated, enabling more efficient communication. Such applications have a greater need for training, without which users will rarely make the most of the new technology. For Business Video to be successful, users must be excited and positive about using the system. Providing adequate ‘Hands On’ training to users will ensure that they see and understand the benefits they will receive from the new system.

Neeco post-implementation Collaboration Solutions Training sessions demonstrate to users how they can control the various ways of communicating, thus increasing their performance and efficiency. After training sessions, users feel confident and more positive about their system.

Floor walking is an important part of post-implementation support. Our main aim is to provide reassurance to users; knowing that an expert is on hand to assist with any query can also help to reduce support calls during a busy time. Floorwalkers will be able to assist and help filter any support issues to ensure problems are solved quickly, and help prevent the help desk from being inundated with unnecessary calls and e-mails.

IT Engineer training

Neeco delivers a broad portfolio of certified courses, including Cisco Unified Communications solutions, starting from basic classes up to high-level training led by CCIE-level personnel. Apart from standard vendor-based training, we have a variety of customized sessions focused on a particular technology or business process. Our certified trainers are always happy to collaborate with the Client to prepare a tailored solution that fits Client requirements exactly.

Courses can be held at Neeco offices, or our trainers can provide the sessions at Client premises, even utilizing connectivity to remote labs if applicable. After training, participants receive a completion certificate.

Operations and Maintenance

Business Video maintenance service

Neeco‘s Operations and Maintenance Service is a collection of complex, highly efficient technical multivendor services based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Neeco’s Global Network Maintenance Framework, which secures the best continuous health of data networks, ensuring that customers will get the necessary care in cases of network issues.

Key features

  • A single, consolidated maintenance contract including 3rd party and OEM-based services.
  • Multi-vendor, multi-technology support inclusive of EoL (End of Life) and EoS (End of Support) equipment.
  • Fast response times and improved service levels compared to standard OEM-based supports
  • Global coverage through more than 160 world countries
  • Local warehouses with immediate shipment options in most countries to store spare equipment and replace faulty devices if required.
  • Local field engineers ready to reach Client sites in the shortest timeframes and provide remedial activities.

Neeco Consultancy Services and Technology Updates

The integral part of Neeco’s global ICT services is consultancy support. We are committed to collaborating closely with our Clients’ teams to create the best solutions, providing consultancy services during planning, realization, and production stages of the deployment lifecycle.
Apart from day to day operations, our priority is to ensure that our Clients are always informed about new products, technologies, and trends in IT business. Therefore our consultants, product and service managers, together with external technology experts, run periodic sessions with each Client interested in up-to-date information from the telecom world. The agendas of technology updates are typically discussed in advance with Client representatives to ensure maximum benefit for participants. Technology updates usually take between 2 – 3 hours and are provided in WebEx or Telepresence sessions, or even as a face to face meeting if this proves most convenient for our Client.

Business Video Managed Services

Managed video solutions from Neeco allow businesses to equip their environment with collaborative technology they need rather than with the equipment their capital budget will allow, bringing all the features and benefits of unified communication immediately, without IT headaches or cash flow burdens.

Managed Business Video services include multiple options, from fully managed turnkey collaboration solutions to endpoint video rentals, or provisioning of unified communication-enabled cloud-based infrastructure and related applications, allowing to our Clients benefits such as:

Increased deployment speed and simplicity

With managed video solutions, Clients do not need to install complex IT environment, such as servers, media gateways, and content transcoders, or upgrade network infrastructure.

Demonstrable cost savings and fully controllable expenses

Today, utilizing products in the form of services and leaving ownership to 3rd party companies specialized in owning the equipment is an obvious and reasonable trend. Apart from operational advantages, XaaS brings many commercial benefits including:

  • Not paying the full cost of the asset up front, so Clients don’t interrupt cash flow needed to boost up core activities.
  • Smoother cash management, as the monthly rental costs are clear and predictable.
  • Access to a higher standard of equipment, which may be too expensive to buy outright.
  • Budgeting for the future, as assets are paid for over a fixed period of time.
  • An easy way to upgrade or replace the equipment, as Clients can simply make a small adjustment to their regular payment rather than invest a lump sum.
  • Excellent ROI.

Top-notch technologies delivered by recognized technology experts. With Neeco managed video solutions you get access to top-class products deployed within Neeco Cloud Services, together with extensive support from Neeco IT professionals.

In a diverse world that requires seamless solutions, Neeco strives to introduce simplicity and unrivalled integration of processes and procedures, becoming the one stop shop for our Clients‘ business needs and unifying the sourcing of a broad portfolio of activities under the single umbrella of well-known, consistent, and high-quality ICT services.