Global ICT Solutions

Today, service providers and network operators are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate the business value of their communication solutions to potential customers. As existing customers become more demanding and new requirements emerge, service providers must empower their organizations with the latest skills and resources to increase customer retention. By leveraging complex global management solutions and robust in-country and regional support, Neeco offers maximum flexibility and quality to the end client. As an effective global partner, we work with clients, sharing best practices from around the world while acting much like a concierge to help them plan and, more importantly, execute their solutions. The result is a foundation for improved long-term competitiveness, enhanced revenue opportunities, and continued future success.

Global expertise and local insight

By operating in most countries while keeping process coordination centralized, we offer a single point of contact (SPOC) for worldwide outsourcing requirements. Utilizing the Neeco Global Business Platform, the world’s largest professional network which integrates thousands of local and regional companies, we exploit the knowledge of local environments to deliver services and solutions to any place in the world in the shortest delivery times, cost-effectively, and at the highest level of quality.

Complete multi-vendor and multi-national ICT solutions utilizing SPOC

We support the whole site deployment lifecycle from hardware procurement, through to onsite support and maintenance solutions. As a single point of contact for our Clients, we dramatically simplify communication so our Clients’ teams can be faster and more effective from the bidding phase through project realization to post-implementation services and additional support.

Easing ownership with managed solutions and flexible financing

In a challenging economy, the ability to offer easy financing terms can often make the difference in closing a deal. Neeco‘s flexible financing and ownership solutions enable service providers to wrap competitive terms and pricing around their own offers to provide a highly compelling solution for customers.

Neeco can own the equipment on behalf of the client and/or provide flexible financing terms over longer-term periods.

End customer support solutions, including White Label services

To ensure that a client’s image is unified and consistent throughout the whole world, Neeco offers a wide portfolio of end-customer support services. With the right services offered to the end user, we can help to forge a powerful brand presence in remote markets for our Clients. Solutions include a direct multi-language Help Desk and Service Desk support for end customers in order to break potential language barriers.