Case Studies

  • Luxury Yacht

    Luxury Yacht

    An installation and renewal of the wireless network at the delicate environment of the 147-meter luxury yacht.
  • Taxi Operator Company

    Taxi Operator Company

    A provision of GPRS-based vehicle tracking devices with GPS functionality in over 460 taxi cars.
  • Cosmetic Store

    Cosmetic Store

    A support and smooth roll-out of over 120 stores in China with both networking and in-store equipment.
  • TV Broadcaster

    TV Broadcaster

    Cisco and Riverbed hardware delivery for the global TV news broadcaster.
  • Auto Racing Organization

    Auto Racing Organization

    A rapid deployment and door-to-door delivery of Cisco routers for the world-leading auto racing organization.
  • Neeco Maintenance

    Neeco Maintenance

    First-class maintenance services for a global leading network provider.