Business Values

Over the years, it has become apparent that global businesses must be able to reach customers across many continents and countries in order to supply them with the right ICT solutions. As customers become more demanding of quality services, and competitive pressures create the need to deliver solutions with lower costs and higher quality, there is a growing need for organizations to have one strategic partner who can deliver services and solutions cost-effectively, professionally, and seamlessly to any part of the world.

With a traditional approach, businesses need to rely on a large number of suppliers for every region, technology, and resource type to get service within reasonable delivery times and to stay within budget. Neeco offers an innovative, modern approach for its Clients by supplying complex ICT services on a world-wide basis, so our Clients don’t need to make time-consuming bilateral agreements with partners in each region, thus sparing precious resources to focus on areas like network design, public relationships, and marketing. As an important part of our global support strategy, we have introduced the concept of the Global Delivery Platform, which incorporates thousands of regional ICT providers in more than 160 world countries, including a total of 2 500+ channel partners, 20 000+ local engineers, more than 60 000 m2 of available warehouse/ distribution space, and a large number of local and regional hardware distributors.

Neeco’s first-class central management, network support, and professional value-added services create a unique global platform for our Clients, and ensures that we will always be able to offer optimal ICT solutions. Our service delivery managers, procurement coordinators, and technology experts look for the best solutions when Clients need them, based on their specific requirements. Through this concept we can always offer maximum flexibility and demonstrable operational cost savings, ensuring that our Clients‘ main business goals will be achieved without straining their existing IT resources, or the resources of their end customers.

The key business benefits Neeco introduces through its global support solutions are:


In a traditional, distributed service model, companies are able to fully support customers only during their working hours and only in their regions of presence. Neeco supports its Clients 24 x 7 x 365 with the ability to deliver any service and solution anywhere, anytime.


Our industry-leading support solution allows us to supply the best services at lower costs. Foreknowledge of stock availabilities and current lead times allows us to choose the most cost-effective hardware distribution solutions for our Clients.


Neeco‘s expertise in management, process coordination, and global knowledge, in combination with the support and insight of our local resources, ensures that we can achieve optimal service quality for our Clients.


Through designation of the right resources and optimal solutions, we deliver services effectively, consequently helping our Clients’ teams to move quickly in the planning, preparation, implementation, and operation phases of the deployment lifecycle.


With Neeco, Clients have an extensive team of IT experts on hand available on an as-you-go basis to help solve IT problems as they arise, no matter how big or small.


Being one point of contact for our Clients, we can significantly simplify collaboration so our Clients’ teams can be faster and more effective from the bidding phase through project realization to post-implementation services and additional support.


Through our truly worldwide coverage we have the power to offer our professional services in 160+ world countries.